Northern Niger: Following a Security Alert, the French Group Orano Evacuates Expatriates to Niamey

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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On Friday, the French mining group Orano, which specializes in the nuclear fuel cycle, evacuated 16 expatriates from the north of Niger to the capital Niamey following a security alert, out of fear of kidnapping.

Of the 16 people evacuated, 12 are Westerners and four are West Africans, according to a group source.

On Thursday, management alerted to a security event in a village located between the Malian border and the town of Arlit, where the group operates a uranium mine.

This alert prompted the group to put in place measures to reinforce the security of sites, personnel, and industrial installations.

Thus, the same source indicated that following the procedures of the protection plan, the expatriates and other foreigners on the mission were evacuated under protection to Niamey by plane, adding that the return will be ensured as soon as any risk has been ruled out.

A media report from the Agadez region called Aïr-info confirmed the alert received by the group, stating that “armed individuals” were spotted on Thursday near the village of Inanbagaret and asked the farmers they met to know if there were “Western citizens in the town of Arlit”.

Orano has located its expatriates or visitors of the Arlit region in a secure complex called ” base vie “, located at Akokan near the town of Arlit.

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