Congo-B: The Alliance for Democratic Alternation in 2026 Meets for its First Convention

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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The Alliance for Democratic Alternation in 2026, which brings together three opposition parties in Congo-B, including the Rally for Democracy and Development (RDD) of former President Jacques Joachim Yhomby Opango, held its first convention on Sunday.

The first president of the Alliance for Democratic Alternation in 2026, Destin Gavet, of the Republican Movement (MR), led the work of this convention on Sunday, May 7th. Several activists attended. Destin Gavet developed his recommendations: “This work enabled us to adopt the texts and above all to set ourselves short, medium, and long-term objectives,” he declared.

On the other hand, the Alliance wishes to move forward on another sensitive concern. “During these meetings, several recommendations were made, in particular, that on the release of political prisoners including Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko and AndrĂ© Okombi Salissa. You know, the release of political prisoners can be a way to ease the political climate and above all to promote social cohesion and national unity,” he said.

The government closed the file after they tried and sentenced them for undermining the internal security of the State in 2018.

Since its establishment in mid-April, the 2AD2026 has expanded, with the adhesion of the Party for the Republic. She hopes with this new membership that other parties will join her for an alternation in 2026.

Maryam Lahbal

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