3rd Africanité Summit: Special Interview with Artist Loubna Idrissi

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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The “Trophée de l’Africanité Foundation” was organized, on 14 March in Casablanca, the 3rd Summit of Africanity under the theme “Women and Cultural Diplomacy: A Patriotic Commitment”. A key event for all actors in the promotion of African culture, with the participation of diplomats and experts.

This event organized in partnership with the Amicale des Diplomates Africains chose Comoros as the guest of honor for this edition.

The painter Loubna Idrissi was present at this meeting which has a political rather than cultural character, representing the Moroccan and African woman who has raised the flag of her country through her artistic works.

Loubna Idrissi, who has contributed to several exhibitions both in Morocco and abroad, was honored yesterday during this meeting which rewards actors who contribute to the valorization of African culture.

In an exclusive interview granted to “WeAfrica24”, the Moroccan artist said that thanks to its geographical position, Morocco is still a crossroads of ethnic and cultural mixtures.

“As a Moroccan African citizen and painter, I could not but subscribe through my works to a pictorial and colorful approach that refers to my deep African roots,” the African artist continued.

Thus, Loubna added that art in all its forms is a specific and universal language. Its specificity lies in the fact that its essence is intimately linked to its soil of origin. Its universality lies in the message of peace and coherence of the people that art conveys.

The artist concluded by saying that the artist has the same mission as a diplomat. He is a relay in perpetual connection with the other in the service of cooperation, tolerance, and peace.

Confident in the role of the African woman in the construction of the future, the artist declared that despite the difficult conditions, African Women have always shown an unfailing determination.

Jihan Rmili

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