M23 rebellion in DRC: Authorities consider “conscription”

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Defense Minister Gilbert Kabanda spoke of the possibility of introducing “conscription” or “five-, ten-year contracts” for diplomats as well as politicians and the military.

The minister claimed  on the occasion of the official release of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s “defence documents.” “We have to build an army to protect our country,” he said.

This new defence policy includes the establishment of a military industry, the creation of a reserve force, the establishment of a cadet school, and the establishment of an army capable of fighting cyber and (trans)crime.

The military and police also aired five suspected “Rwandan spies” and a Congolese soldier arrested in Kinshasa accused of preparing a “massive operation” on public television that evening. but did not provide further details. In North Kivu province, a coalition of Congolese armed groups operating in the troubled area and claiming to be fighting M23 rebels called on Congolese authorities on Tuesday to set up a “paramilitary” service.


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