Ethiopian government makes official visit to Tigray region to monitor implementation of peace agreement

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An Ethiopian government delegation of senior government officials led by House of Representatives Speaker Tagesse Chafo is making the first official visit to Mekele, the capital of Tigray, two years after the start of the conflict in the rebel region, the government’s communication service announced in a statement.

The aim of the visit is to ensure the implementation of the main points of the peace agreement, signed on 2 November between the Ethiopian government and the rebel authorities in Tigray. The agreement aims to end the war in northern Ethiopia by disarming rebel forces, reopening access to the region and restoring federal authority in Tigray.

Since the signing of this agreement, several signals show that it is on the right track. Indeed, representatives of the rebel authorities and the government are holding talks, the fighting has stopped, the rebels have announced that they have “disengaged” 65% of their fighters from the front lines and humanitarian aid is gradually arriving in the region.


Jihan Rmili

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