Why the Morocco-France match is exceptional?

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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An exceptional match, different from the rest of the match that has been held since World Cup2022 started in Qatar, is the match that Morocco will play against France.

Moroccan players with french nationality

The first coincidence and exception are that two Moroccan players have dual Moroccan–French nationality, Soufian Boufal and Romain Saiss.

The Moroccan national team coach Walid Regragui also has french nationality, was born in the south-east of the french capital Paris, and the last team he was playing for is France’s Florie Merguis, while the first team he was playing for is Racing.

French player with Moroccan Family 

The French Player Osman Dembele is married to a Moroccan woman, Rima Idbouch, who publicly stated that she is supporting the Moroccan national team.

In addition to his Moroccan family, Dembele’s best friend is the Moroccan player Ashraf Hakimi, who is also his Parisian Germain teammate.

French Moroccan political crisis 

Morocco and France are experiencing a political crisis that sparked when Paris decided to halve the number of entry visas for Moroccans to France, under the pretext of the kingdom’s reluctance to re-receive its nationals illegally residing in France.

What increases tension also is the lack of France’s clarity over the Moroccan Sahara issue, which is one of morocco’s national perspectives and not negotiable, and made it a measure of its external relations.

Africa’s challenge against the ancient colony 

France is losing support from African countries, and its influence has been diminished on the continent, as well as a silent war is taking place between Paris and Africa.

France’s image on the brown continent has witnessed a significant deterioration in recent years, as this image has been associated with arrogance and giving lessons.

Morocco’s winning over France means a lot, not only to Moroccans and Arabs but also to African countries that want to prove to France that Africans and Muslims are also able to reach the top and be the best.


Afaf Al Fahchouch 

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