Global warning about the dangers of seasonal flu… Moroccan experts recommend vaccination

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Warnings from medical personnel around the world, especially in the United States, about the harshness of this year’s seasonal flu variant.

In a scientific publication circulated by foreign media, an American medical event declared this year’s flu to be deadlier than in recent years when the number of cases was historically low.

Therefore, medical officials in the United States have confirmed that dental groups with serious chronic diseases should be vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

In this context, Professor Said Moutawakil, a Moroccan physician that specializes in resuscitation, stated that “seasonal flu additionally has severe signs together with COVID-19 virus, specifically for the institution with immune fragility, which includes all continual illnesses recognized in Morocco.”

In an announcement to a digital press resource, Moutawakil introduced that “older human beings also are susceptible to seasonal influenza; This necessitates the want to get hold of the vaccination dose to be had in fitness facilities, because of the ferocity of sure lines occasionally. ”

The scientific professor said that “worldwide fitness laboratories continually warn of the risks of seasonal influenza as iciness approaches; But those warnings are valid this 12 months in restoring normalcy, that allows you to grow the variety of instances apart from the closing years. ”

According to Ihssane el meskini, a Moroccan researcher in virology, “seasonal flu instances will upward thrust this 12 months because of the lifting of coronavirus restrictions”, highlighting that “carrying protecting mask and the use of vaccination disinfectants have contributed to decreasing the variety of deaths from influenza.”

“The coronavirus-associated preventive measures have had an enormous effect on decreasing the unfold of seasonal viruses, in particular influenza, and the shortage of herbal immunity because of their vulnerable incidence over the last 3 years.”

The speaker concluded that “seasonal influenza isn’t always as smooth as a few believe, given its fitness dangers to susceptible groups, especially the aged and chronically ill, with 800 thousand deaths internationally consistent with 12 months”, calling for vaccination in opposition to it with the intention to toughen bodily immunity.

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