Expectations of a reduction in Moroccan citrus exports to the United States

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Moroccan citrus exports to the United States are expected to decline this year, amid a decline in production, due to record heat waves and less rainfall.

The hot and dry weather, recorded earlier this year, coincided with the time when the crops were in bloom. This is expected to lead to a decrease in domestic production, according to a report by the US-based importer of citrus, grapes and avocados, at the US Fresh Plaza platform.

According to the same platform, the founder and head of sales at “LGS Specialty Sales”, Luke Sears, said that “the Moroccan citrus crop has decreased from last year’s bumper harvest by between 20% and 50%, depending on the region and variety.”

According to the same source mentioned before, Sears noted that “other factors are likely to affect Moroccan citrus exports to the United States, including the war in Russia, in addition to the faltering economy in the European Union and the United Kingdom.”

The CEO also anticipates a “great season ahead,” as his company plans to promote citrus on a regular basis and maintain consumer interest at pre-pandemic levels.

Sears also explained that “the fee problems faced by Spanish citruses, and the long season of Moroccan citrus varieties, prompted the company to choose Morocco at the expense of Spain.”

Moroccan citrus exports to the United States amounted to 110,500 tons in 2021-2022, an increase of 156 percent over the previous season. The latter is the fourth largest importer of Moroccan citrus.

Soukaina Sghir

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