Socio-Economic Development in Laayoune: Bridges, Chu River, Highways, Desalination Stations… Progress Report

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Due to the new development model of the southern provinces of the kingdom proposed by King Mohammed VI, the Laayoune-Sakya Hamra region has been living at the rhythm of integrated development at all levels for many years. On the occasion of the celebration, the 40th anniversary of the “Green March” was launched. A number of major projects have been launched in recent years to meet the socio-economic needs of the residents, while also making the area an attractive investment and business location.

Among the major projects being implemented in this region, is the Tiznit-Dakhla expressway, 1,055 km, which requires a total budget of 10 billion dirhams. Also under construction, is the largest bridge in Africa, on the Wadi Sakia el-Hamra, which is an infrastructure built on 1,724 meters, which will be part of the Laâyoune bypass.

The Reconstruction of the Wadi Sakia El Hamra Bridge at the northern entrance to the city is underway. The realization of this artwork is currently complete and should be available soon.

Knowing that the elaboration of this bridge is 100% complete and preparations for its commissioning are already in their final phase.

This bridge, whose length exceeds 600 meters, was built for a total cost of more than one million dirhams. It is part of the major royal project for the development of the national road 1, linking the cities of Tiznit and Dakhla, whose work is now at a 76% state of progress», explained Yassine Ansser, Head of the works department at the Provisional Planning Directorate of RN1, between Tiznit and Dakhla.

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