From 27 countries .. Morocco gives citizenship to 290 foreigners in 2022

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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According to official data included in the draft sub-budget of the Ministry of Justice for the year 2023, the latter issued decisions to grant Moroccan citizenship to 290 foreigners from 27 countries, in the context of taking care of foreigners residing in Morocco.

This procedure, according to the same data, comes in implementation of the requirements contained in the chapter on fundamental freedoms and rights of the constitution, which amounted to foreigners enjoying the basic freedoms recognized for Moroccan citizens and citizens in accordance with the law, and granting foreigners the right to participate in elections in accordance with the law, as well as in the implementation of international agreements or work practices. Likewise.

Within the framework of international judicial cooperation in the criminal field, the Ministry of Justice revealed the number of international arrest warrants issued and received until the end of 2021 and until the limits of this November, as the number of incoming orders reached 197, compared to 21 orders issued by the Kingdom.

In the same matter, the same data indicated that the number of requests to deport foreign prisoners to their countries reached the end of 2021 and to date, 40 requests, while the number of requests to deport Moroccan prisoners detained abroad to their country reached 15 requests.

The number of incoming and outgoing judicial representations during the same period reached 300, distributed between 270 incoming and 30 outgoings. According to the same data, the number of incoming requests for extradition reached 66, and issued 74 requests.

With regard to the complaints of foreigners, the same sources indicate that the Ministry of Justice received 9 complaints from foreigners residing abroad, while the number of judicial requests received from October 2021 to today reached 94, compared to 428 judicial requests issued.

Soukaina Sghir

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