Royal Army mission arrives in Guinea, to get ready facing Ashanti Gold


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The FAR team landed in Guinean territory, in preparation for the Guinean Ashanti Golden match, in the 32nd round of the African Confederation Cup.
An official source from the team, confirmed that the players would make a training session this evening, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday, at the “General Lansana Conte” stadium in the Naonou region of the city of Sigwere, which is located in northeastern Guinea.
The military battalion traveled to Guinea in full ranks, except Anwar Tarkhat because of his late recuperation from the injury, and Ahmed Hammoudan, who the medical staff decided not to travel as a precaution in order to gradually regain his health again.
In the same matter, the return leg of the continental competition will start at five o’clock in the afternoon of the Moroccan time, at the “General Lansana Conte” stadium, knowing that the first leg ended with a clean four for the benefit of the Royal Army.

Soukaina sghir

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