A Moroccan researcher is close to winning the title of the international competition


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Moroccan student Jihan Kanfawi participated in the international competition “My Thesis in Three Minutes” for scientific simplification, which previous winners consider a “wonderful experience”, a “great challenge” and a “beautiful human adventure” that helps to learn and to communicate.

The Moroccan participant Jihan Kanfawi, who is studying for a doctorate at the National School of Agriculture in Meknes, and won first place in the same competition nationally, asked Moroccan support for her in this global competition by voting for her.

In the same matter, the competition mentioned before has a participation of 20 people representing different countries, and the voting on the contestants will be on Friday for thirty minutes on the electronic platform of the competition.

the organizers of “My Thesis in Three Minutes” have previously expressed that the goal is about the ability of the participants to explain the topic of their thesis to obtain a doctoral degree in three minutes.

Soukaina sghir


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